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One Source Recycling's history goes back to the 1980's as a subsidiary of a metal recycling company. In 1996, the current owners purchased the subsidiary and Midwest Recycling of Illinois was created. Since that time, the business has grown in volume and diversity of material recycled, and is now known by the name One Source Recycling, Inc. Our current operation includes five locations throughout the Midwest.

One Source Recycling provides recycling and consulting services for commercial, industrial and municipal customers. We work with commercial and industrial customers to design a recycling program that supports their safety, environmental and operational needs, while at the same time reducing their overall cost. We take pride in the ability to recycle items that others may have considered waste. Our services include a variety or possibilities for transportation and storage and we routinely work with existing waste haulers to provide a seamless startup of recycling programs.

One Source Recycling has always handled residential material, processing hundreds of thousands of tons to date. Since the late 1990's, we have offered household recycling using one container, also known as Single Stream Recycling. In Single Stream Recycling, all of the recyclable household items are placed in a single container for curbside pickup. This makes it easier for people to recycle the highest amount possible. In addition, single stream recycling is simpler and less costly for the hauler to pick up than separated items.

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