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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, we are bonded and insured. If requested, a Certificate of Insurance can be issued in your name, as an additional named insured.

If my material is stored in hard to access locations (i.e. basement, attic, off-site storage facility), can you provide the necessary labor to remove the material?

Yes, we can supply all the necessary labor and equipment to remove your material wherever it is located.

If I choose in-house shredding/document destruction, can I witness the destruction process?

The destruction process can be witnessed videotape. Unfortunately our insurance company does not allow us to let someone personally witness the process.

What happens to my material after it is shredded?

All shredded material is baled and recycled. It is shipped to paper mills where it is used as a pulp substitute to spare the harvesting of new trees for their pulp content. When you receive our invoice, you also recieve a Certificate of Destruction as proof that your material was destroyed.

How much notice do you require to make a pick up?

We like a couple of days notice for an average pick up and a week for a large purge. However, if there is an emergency (visiting dignitaries, inspections or audits), we do our best to accomodate our customers.

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